Ready to Break the iNet Mold?

Craft a one-of-a-kind store with custom everything – templates, functionality, integrations.

Default iNet Template

We help improve the look, function, and profitability of your site.

We know the platform inside and out, so you’ll spend less time and money getting there.


Site Templates

Crafting custom templates for your iNet site empowers you to forge a unique brand identity and optimize the shopping experience for your customers.



Infuse your iNet site with bespoke functionality and stand out from the crowd. Ditch the limitations of pre-built features and craft unique experiences tailored to your specific needs.



Supercharge your online store by seamlessly integrating third-party tools! Imagine your WordPress blog driving traffic directly to product pages, easy lead capture with customizable forms, or friendly chatbots guiding customers through purchases.

Craft, Connect, Convert.

Whether just starting your iNet site, or trying to maximize sales, we can help you take the next step.

Styling and WordPress Integrations

Your brand deserves a website that matches. We blend existing elements with fresh ideas to create a seamless online identity.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

No cookie-cutter solutions here. Get the features, widgets, and integrations you need for a unique, customer-centric online store.

Content Population & Organization

Drowning in SKUs? We can help organize the chaos. From descriptions to images, we tame the mess so you can sell.

Maximizing Sales Post-Launch

Don’t just build, thrive. We unlock your ecommerce potential with custom salesgrowth programs.


After you reach out to us, we schedule a phone meeting with you to discuss your site and your current need.  iNet customers come to us in various phases of their ecommerce setup and we want to ensure we provide you the best possible solution for where you are today.  Once we understand your specific need, we draft up a scope of work, and once signed, we schedule your project on our calendars.  The process to redesign your templates and go live with the new site takes 3-4 weeks.  All site designs are approved via static comps before any programming begins. If you already have a live site, we will discuss in our initial meeting whether you need a test site or if we can do the work on the live site.

If we are building your site templates from scratch or redesigning your existing iNet site, our work generally takes 3-4 weeks to complete.  We’ll have your site looking refreshed and ready to go in no time at all. 

 If you need help with a specific functionality, that work we complete in 1-5 business days as a new client.

If you are coming to us at the onset of creating your iNet site, Epicor will work with you to get all your product information from Eagle to iNet.  Their team works with you and provides basic training. 

 If you have an existing iNet site and need help adding more product content, we can review how many sku’s and provide a quote to assist in adding products and data to the site.

Generally, you provide all the images for the site.  Depending on the site design, some basic images may be included, but we confirm that up front when the first round of designs are reviewed.  For Department images, we can work with you to get those loaded and give guidance and best practices. If you want us to find those images for you, we will quote that work separately based on the number of images needed. 

 We do not load product images unless you specifically hire us to do that work.  We estimate this project separately. 

We offer a 90-day warranty on all our work!  Once you go live, the 90-day warranty kicks in.  If you see anything on the site that isn’t quite right, you just email us, and we’ll have it fixed up in 24-hours.

We are always here to help!  We have clients who are on monthly maintenance packages who like to make continual upgrades to their site. We also have clients that email us on an as needed basis when they want to know if a functionality exists or want to tweak something about the existing site.  We quote those projects on a per hour basis and are generally very affordable.

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